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Home insurance FAQs

Home insurance is the protection every homeowner needs to make sure their investment is safe. About 5% of all homeowners file a claim on their home policy each year. That gives you a fairly good chance of making a claim at some point over the years. At VNG Insurance Agency in Scranton, PA, we have a team of agents who will take the time to get to know you so that we can customize your home policy to your needs. 

What does home insurance cover?

Home insurance covers the physical structure of your home and any attached or detached structures. It also covers the contents of your home with some limits on categories. Liability coverage is included for any injuries sustained by someone visiting your home or injured by a member of your family. Loss of use coverage will help to pay for a place to stay if your home is damaged by a covered peril. 

What isn’t covered by home insurance?

The major exclusion on your home insurance is flooding, which is not covered. You are also not covered for any earth movement, which includes earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes. Wear and tear are not covered, so you need to maintain your home. Termites and other pests are also not covered. It is your responsibility to get the treatment you need before it becomes a problem. 

What should I choose for a deductible?

Your home policy has a deductible. This amount must be paid out of pocket before any claim is paid. The deductible is on every claim that you have. Common amounts are anywhere from $500 to $2500. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium, but if it would be a hardship to pay $2500 out of pocket, then it isn’t a good choice. 

In Scranton, PA, contact VNG Insurance Agency for all your home insurance needs. 

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