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Motorcycle Insurance in Pennsylvania

Motorcycle insurance is required for all motorcycle riders in Pennsylvania. Your ride must have at least the state minimum amount of insurance indicated by law, though it is often recommended to get more coverage to stay better protected. There is no requirement for insurance if your motorcycle is in storage, but if it isn't, you're required to have it. If you're in Pennsylvania and need this insurance coverage, call us at VNG Insurance Agency in Scranton, PA.

A No-Fault State

Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, and that affects the insurance you need to stay legal. It doesn't matter which party caused the accident in a no-fault state, as each person's insurance is supposed to pay for their damages and injuries. If you have an accident and don't have coverage, you will owe the money yourself, even if someone else caused the accident.

Minimum Coverage for Pennsylvania

There is one set amount required for death or bodily injury that happens to one person in an accident in this state. Another amount is required when two or more people have been in an accident that caused the death or bodily injury. There is another amount required for damage done to property in the accident. Another amount, your personal injury protection, is also required. This pays for your medical bills incurred in an accident up to its maximum payout.

All of these set numbers from the state are minimums, and it's recommended that you add on more protection than the minimum so that you are better protected in case of an accident. Pennsylvania has among the lowest insurance requirements in the nation, so it's a good idea to get more than just the minimum.

Get Your Motorcycle Covered

If you have a motorcycle and need coverage, give us a call at VNG Insurance Agency in Scranton, PA.

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